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Trust is what it starts with…. Who do you trust to look after your child? With the fantastic staff at the Mohair Centre trust has never been an issue. From a long history and great relationship with Liz looking after our son Samuel for 4 years prior to her starting up the Mohair Nursery to now having a great relationship not just with her but with Kate, Allie, and Jacky looking after our daughter Lucy for over a year, we have now had the good fortune to have people who really care about our children and most importantly their welfare and having the best childhood imaginable. What more as a parent could you ask for?

Lucy has the joy of going 5 days a week to the Mohair Centre and the joy is there on her face for all to see. Every day she is out of the car like a rocket, keen to see all of the ladies and basically just have lots of fun! Home times, she doesn’t want to leave! If that isn’t a ringing endorsement for a great nursery when your child can’t wait to go and doesn’t want to leave then we don’t know what is.

The farm and nursery environment the Mohair has provided has made a great but quiet little girl become so confident with people, animals, and in herself.

The friendships she has made with other children and the ladies will provide happy memories for the rest of both hers and our lives. It will be a very emotional day when the time comes for Lucy to move on and start school.

The Mohair has always made us feel so welcome and they will always be part of our family and we are very proud to be able to say that.

Darren and Sue Dawson

October 2012

What a fantastic place. My son has been coming here for years and loves ever minute of it! There is never a shortage of things to do, the children are encouraged but never forced to do anything they don't want to do. The staff are wonderful and I have no hesitation in leaving my son, who has Autism, in there capable and friendly hands. I recommend this setting to anyone who is looking for a safe haven for their children to grow and develop - it has happened for my son.

Elizabeth Mcdermott

September 2011

Dear Jacky, how are you? I am fine thank you. I hope you will remember me as one of your students in one of your recent lectures at kings house, to level III aspiring play workers. I am really honoured to be taught by you.

In fact, the reason I am writing this letter is not to talk about that but to express my gratitude and appreciation for my current tutor, Jackie Gurr. Since the start of the course she have been patient and giving me her full attention and support without reservation and meeting my need for extra help due to my developing language skill. I do feel that I owe her so much for my current status and to be able to manage a setting with confidence.

I wish that with this humble appreciating letter she would get a recognition for what she is doing for those who aspire to become play workers on an all inclusive settings. I do thank you, staffs and also Mohair for giving me chance to know her and learn from her. Wishing you the best one, with the highest regards. Sincerely.

Tsege Mekete Tegene

August 2011

My daughter has been attending the holiday playscheme since she was 5. We tried a number of alternative childcare options for holiday care and she regularly came home in tears. Then we found the Mohair Centre.She loved it from the first day and has attended every school holiday since and had 2 birthday parties there. For kids who love animals it is a little slice of heaven and many is the time I have dragged myself reluctantly off to work wishing I could stay and look after the animals too. My daughter has always liked that there a choice of activities per day, but she is never pushed into an activity she does not feel happy doing.
Now approaching 14 she is helping out at the Mohair Centre on a regular basis and strongly considering a career working with animals.
I don't know what I would have done without the Mohair Centre over the last few years.

Mrs Homer

August 2011

My childhood is filled with very fond memories of The Mohair Centre. I attended holiday club every summer for as far back as I can remember. In my final year at the farm I did a weeks camping which I remember was fantastic. I loved everything about the Mohair centre, made some great friends and learnt loads of wonderful things.

Rebecca Pearson

August 2011

''I have 3 children, and have used the Mohair Centre for holiday childcare over the last 10 years. The centre has continued to improve its facilities and provides high quality care that reflects the individual child's needs.

My children are excited and look forward to attending the centre and are disappointed if I collect them early! It certainly negates the guilt of having to work during the school holidays. I have been impressed about the centres resolve to tackle infectious disease control, which is a concern for any childcare setting that actively encourages the children to get involved with animals. The controls in place minimize the risks; and the children gain so much from being involved with the care of animals. I have also been impressed regarding the inclusivity regarding different children - welcoming children with special needs; and providing different activities including crafts, fishing, animal feeding - so that is always something that appeals to differing tastes.

My children have had 3 different Birthday parties at the Mohair Centre that have been totally hassle free for me as a parent. One 8 year old boy told me after the last party:- ''This is the best party I have ever been to!'' As a parent, I have no hesitation in recommending this childcare setting to other parents and carers.''

Mrs S. Hepworth.

July 2011

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